Chef Foy culinary training began at the Tarragon Tree with his brother John, followed by a series of estages over the years in great American restaurants, such as the “21” Club, “La Cote Basque”, under Jean Jacques Rachou, and with Jean Blanchet of “Le Francais” in Wheeling, Illinois. Foy estages include Michelin Three Star Chef Michel Guerard of “Les Prés d’Eugénie”, “les Freres Troisgros” of Roanne, and “L’Espérance” Marc Meneau restaurant in St Pere, Veseley, France.


Foy is the legendary chef who interpreted and transformed a “petit boite” in Chatham NJ and in the process placed New Jersey on the national culinary map. Foy is also the source of the culinary lineage for a majority of the Garden State’s top chefs, having establishing a series of restaurants on both sides of the Hudson to great acclaim. Three generations of Great New Jersey Chefs, and a host of restaurants directly related to Chef Foy’s inspired vision.


Complementing Foy’s sensibilities for restaurants and design is his noted painting career. Publications about Mr. Foy’s work include a catalogue titled “Canvassing the Coast: Contemporary Paintings Inspired by the New Jersey Shore,” an exhibition sponsored by The Gallery at Bristol-Myers Squibb in Princeton, NJ. Mr. Foy was one of six representative landscape artists chosen, “who artistically exemplified impressionist roots, while exhibiting various approaches of both the subject and contemporary interpretations”.


Foy is also featured prominently in “To the Shore Once More,” a regional best seller featuring a collection of coastal painters. Mr. Foy’s paintings are notably placed in the 180 page book as the single image, full page color lead to each chapter heading.


Mr. Foy has been reviewed in Esquire, GQ, Gourmet, Harpers Bazzar, New York Times, New York Magazine, The New York Sun, The Chicago Tribune, The Newark Star Ledger, New Jersey Monthly, New Jersey Life, The Associated Press, National Public Radio, PBS, Food Network, and has presented cooking demonstration on regional and national television networks.


A consummate artist, he has won numerous Best of the Best Awards in NJ for cooking, two Best New Restaurants Awards for New York City, and two juried Best of Show Awards for painting. He is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and currently resides in New Jersey.